This module is used to output messages to the console.


Used to log a message to the console.


(italicized = optional)

  • string message: The message to log
  • MessageType type: The type of message to log, see below; Defaults to MessageType.Message
  • string senderType: Usually used internally, the type that logged this message, don't pass this unless you have to

MessageType Reference

DebugLogs to the console if and only if OWML Debug Mode is set to on in the manager, always logs to the log file
MessageLogs a normal message to the console, appears as white in the manager
InfoLogs an information message to the console, appears as blue in the manager
SuccessLogs a successful message to the console, appears as green in the manager
WarningLogs a warning to the console, appears as yellow in the manager
ErrorLogs an error to the console, appears as red in the manager
QuitLogs a message to the console, and then quits the game.
FatalLogs an error to the console, quits the game, and makes the manager display a message box with the message passed


public class MyCoolMod : ModBehaviour {
    public void Start() {
        ModHelper.Console.WriteLine("My Mod Is Started!", MessageType.Success);
        ModHelper.Console.WriteLine("Secret Message For Debug Only", MessageType.Debug);

    public void Update() {
        try {
            var x = Convert.ToInt32("burger");
        } catch (FormatException) {
            ModHelper.Console.WriteLine("My Mod Had A Fatal Error", MessageType.Fatal);